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CPDMED-CEFC Webinar Series

COVID-19 Innovations: Design and Manufacturing

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Indigenous Oxygen Concentrator

Medical Oxygen Generator- S3

A low energy Consumption product

 Medical Oxygen is a life-saving support respiratory gas delivered to patients suffering from compromised respiratory systems. In events like the current CoVID pandemic, medical Oxygen has become a critical requirement, resulting in an unprecedented strain on the bottled Oxygen supply infrastructure. The situation is particularly critical in regions, mainly rural, that are located far from bottling plants. Towards catering to localized medical Oxygen requirements, the gasification group at the Indian Institute of Science, drawing from their expertise in developing low-pressure multi-specie gas separation systems, has developed an indigenous medical Oxygen generation system that uses ambient air to generate medical grade Oxygen.
The process draws atmospheric air, which is passed through a train of cleaning, conditioning, and separation system to enhance the Oxygen concentration from about 21% in the feed gas to over 93% in the exit gas, the requirement for qualifying the gas as medical Oxygen. The unit continuously produces medical-grade Oxygen fulfilling the gas quality requirements as prescribed by Indian Pharmacopeia and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoH&FW)  for use in ICU/CCU/OT and other clinical wards.
While there are commercial medical Oxygen generation systems available, the current configuration designed by the team at IISc has some unique advantages in terms of being modular and low cost both in terms of capital and operating expenditure. The plant has also been designed exclusively with made in India components except for the bed material. The plant in a footprint of about 1.5 meter X 2.5 meter delivers about 4 NM3 of medical-grade Oxygen with a typical power consumption of about 1.2 kWh/NM3.

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The Seven Stages of

Delivering Innovative MedTech Solutions

Why they are necessary and what pitfalls to avoid?

CoVID-19 pandemic has brought attention to the need of resilient and fast paced innovation in the MedTech sector. New needs have emerged not only in providing medical care but also in making workplaces suitable to resume work.

Since the onset of the pandemic, multiple groups with diverse background are attempting Design, Development and Dissemination of MedTech solutions to deal with the emergent needs – be it personal protective equipment like face mask or highly complex electromechanical system like Ventilators.

This talk provided an overview of seven stages a typical MedTech innovation needs to successfully manoeuvre through to be able to make a sustainable impact. By means of live examples from industry and academia we will talk about why these stages are necessary and what needs to be done to pass through the respective stage-gates efficiently.