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CPDMED-CEFC Webinar Series

COVID-19 Innovations: Design and Manufacturing

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Essentiality Of Low Cost Rapid COVID-19 Testing

The Seven Stages of

Delivering Innovative MedTech Solutions

Why they are necessary and what pitfalls to avoid?

CoVID-19 pandemic has brought attention to the need of resilient and fast paced innovation in the MedTech sector. New needs have emerged not only in providing medical care but also in making workplaces suitable to resume work.

Since the onset of the pandemic, multiple groups with diverse background are attempting Design, Development and Dissemination of MedTech solutions to deal with the emergent needs – be it personal protective equipment like face mask or highly complex electromechanical system like Ventilators.

This talk provided an overview of seven stages a typical MedTech innovation needs to successfully manoeuvre through to be able to make a sustainable impact. By means of live examples from industry and academia we will talk about why these stages are necessary and what needs to be done to pass through the respective stage-gates efficiently.