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Usability Testing Facility

To measure the motion of muscular skeletons movements during various activities.

It is the process of digitally record the movement of people or objects, the technology originated in the life science market for GAIT analysis.

But now it is used widely used in various  activities.

It is the process or technique of recording patterns of movements  digitally, that might be the study or research in sports,       medical applications, ergonomics and robotics and it is also used in entertainment.

Softwares :

all the data’s get captured by cameras  and forceplate can be proceessed by the software present in the main computer, motive and visual 3D.

And 12 optitrack IR cameras and 1 prime colour camera to capture the movement of motion body.

photo reflective markers to make capture of full human body model.

digital 3 accesss force plate tio find the ground reaction force , torque and …

Services provided in Usability Testing Facility

  • State of art Human Engineering Factors facility
  • Optitrack Motion capture systems with unlimited referral points for human movement analysis
  • AMTI Biomechanical Force Platforms used for gait analysis, ergonomics, balance, power and forces
  • Well equipped for Posture Analysis,  Movement and Motion Analysis, etc
  • Visual 3D software used for biomechanics analysis for measuring movement and force data
  • Incubate Services initiated

For more details on Usability Testing Facility contact

Srinivas Madhusudan Kandada

Program Manager


 Phone: 080-22933687
 Mobile: +91 9515106373



Note: Regular EMI and EMC testing facility will be provided with advance booking of the time slots.


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